About Us It's Nice to Meet You!

Shwemyanstar Travels and Tours Company Limited was incorporated in 2012. We have done this on a long-time friendship and common ideas that spreaded out this friendship. We are attractive and dynamic people from Myanmar and Europe. This diversity let us to share the best together for customers that wants to see the Myanmar, wants to do business in Myanmar and wants to improve their inner strength by learn Myanmar.

Yes, we started as a travels & tours company. But there is more to give to people. Now we are tuning our services for business people and investors. This means there are guidance for everyone that feels to come to Myanmar.

Our slogan is "Knowledge is key to success" and we always saying - we will be your guide in Myanmar. Not just to travel but also for business and investments.

We are creative. And we love to give something new and surprisingly fresh to our customers. Because we love the same.

But we appreciate the values, too.

Khin Maung Aye

Khin Maung Aye Managing Director

Best boss in the town! His knowledge on Myanmar itself, history and traditions amazes everyone!

Girts Kaivens

Girts Kaivens Board Member

Not from this planet! Fell in love with Myanmar. Absolutely geek. Inspiration manager.

Pyu Sin Win

Pyu Sin Win Reservation Manager

Our brilliant voice and smile. You should listent how she sings! And her smile will give you a sun!

Khin Maung Htay

Khin Maung Htay Director

Hard one. Military order and discipline at office is because of him. Thanks for that!